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Professional Windows Replacement in Evanston, IL You Can Count On

First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation has the trust of customers who recommend our services for top-quality windows replacement in Evanston, and there is a great reason for that. Their firsthand experience of what our expert work and our friendly customer service are capable of achieving. Our replacement windows in Evanston are also the best possible quality available on the market. Over the years, we have been very proud of our work to become the leading window installer in Evanston our beginnings in 1996. That pride comes directly from our commitment to open and honest communication as well as genuine caring for each customer. Whether you need minor window repair in Evanston or you want full window replacement, our experienced window installation professionals at First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation can make sure it’s done right.


Window Installation & Windows Replacement in Evanston, IL - Services Offered By Our Company

How Our Window Installation in Evanston Works



Contact First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Evanston for anything from new windows to window repair. Evanston homeowners can schedule a free consultation with one of our highly qualified professionals at a time that’s convenient for you. We’re there when you need us.



Upon determining the details of what you need, our experts will offer you a free estimate outlining the perfect windows for your home. At First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Evanston, our goal is always a clear and direct line of communication and it begins with your free estimate.



Windows need to fit precisely, which is why our window installers in Evanston make sure to take accurate measurements of every opening. Your replacement windows are custom made based on those exact measurement details for a completely secure fit.



Once your windows are ready, we will call you to schedule the window installation. Our window installers in Evanston take care of everything needed so there is no wasted time and when we’re done, you can simply enjoy your new windows.



First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Evanston has many years of experience, so we know that using quality materials is important, but we also understand how to keep that quality affordable. Together with our impeccable service and skills, we guarantee outstanding windows.

Why Choose Our Company - Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Evanston


Top-Quality Workmanship

At First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, our window installers have great knowledge and experience to do the job right. Your windows are in the handles of true professionals that know how to provide outstanding work.


Affordable Pricing

First Choice understands that a budget is important to most people. That’s why we work with you to make your window replacement in Evanston affordable and as easy as possible. We offer great windows at the right price.


Highest Quality Materials

To achieve the best results, our window installers in Evanston use only the materials of the highest quality. We are proud to offer top-end window replacement services to every customer.


“Honest opinions and helpful information”

I learn a great deal about my windows, thanks to the patient guidance of the professionals at First Choice Windows Replacement in Evanston. They truly earned my trust with their honest opinions and helpful information that explained the differences in the windows we discussed. In the end, the window installers did a wonderful job too, so I am so happy with the entire experience.

Kay Wilborn, Evanston, IL

“Efficient window installation”

Our window replacement in Evanston was handled beautifully by First Choice Windows Replacement. Their expertise was on full display while going over each of the windows we needed and how they could be managed during the installation process. The information they provided was a great help so that we could choose the perfect windows. We appreciate the expert advice and efficient window installation.

Eli Peet, Evanston, IL

 “Amazing service and quality windows”

We searched for a long time and spoke to several window companies in Evanston to make sure we picked the right one. First Choice Windows Replacement made us very thankful for their amazing service and quality windows. Right from the start, they were so helpful and informative, going way beyond our expectations to ensure a great job. 

John Murphy, Evanston, IL

First Choice Windows Replacement Evanston, IL - FAQ

Do I need to do anything in my home before my window installation Evanston, IL starts?

You can remove all window coverings, like curtains and blinds before the window installer is scheduled to arrive. Your window installation would run much smoother if you also disconnect your security sensors and shut the power off. You can clear a path for the window installer too for easy access.

How often should I get replacement windows Evanston, IL?

In general, windows over 25 years old will likely need window replacement. See if your windows are sealed shut, can’t open, are painted shut, fog up, or are drafty. These are signs that you should contact First Choice Windows Replacement for new window installation.

How is the price determined for window replacement Evanston, IL?

The price of your new window replacement takes into account the window style, the glass type, and the frame material. First Choice Windows Replacement also considers the size, quantity of windows, and quality of the window replacement you select.

What is the difference between window replacement companies Evanston, IL?

Window replacement companies can be very different from one another. First Choice Windows Replacement, for example, goes above and beyond with very professional window installer service, a no-money-down guarantee, so you can trust that you are getting top-quality material and the best window installation, and direct contact with the owner. On top of that, you have a lifetime material and labor warranty.

Benefits Of Windows Replacement Evanston, IL

Consistent Temperature: Sometimes, all it takes to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors is by replacing your windows. We at First Choice Windows Replacement can achieve this within affordable costs.

Lower Energy Costs: It is always a good idea to lower your energy costs. One way of doing so is by getting a home window replacement in Evanston that helps you save on your cooling and heating expenses by as much as 30%.

Better Maneuverability: Got old windows? We can fix them by performing a thorough windows replacement that rids of all broken hardware, rotted frames, and damaged seals. Enjoy smooth operation, partial raise, and lift capability.

Neater Windows: See excess fogging, hazing, condensation, or moisture on your glass windows? Then it is high time to consider getting a replacement for your windows. Contact our window installer from Evanston. They can get started immediately.

Better Security: Modern windows nowadays provide excellent protection from theft and break-ins. Secure your home with a premium and tamper-resistant window. Choose our services among window companies in the area.

Higher Property Value: Increase the value of your home by upgrading your windows and providing ample protection at all times. Whether you plan to sell the property in a few months or years, having a fresh window installation or a simple window repair can give you a 90% return on investment.

Protection from UV Damage: Prolonged sun exposure can eventually damage your furniture and carpeting. You can prevent this by having energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows in Evanston.


At First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, we take pride to be Downers Grove #1 window services company. Our window installers have more than 20 years of experience in window installation and replacement.

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