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Windows Replacement Chicago & Window Installation

When searching for window companies in Chicago, look no further than First Choice Window Replacement & Installation. We have been providing exceptional window replacement services to the Chicago area since 1996, which says a great deal about how our window contractors serve our customers. Our over 25 year of experience has given us the opportunity to offer countless customers some of the best windows on the market in Marvin and Pella Windows.
We carry a wide range of patio door, and entry door products to choose from and our windows are diverse. Our customers can choose from wood windows with clad exterior framing, fiberglass windows, and vinyl.


How it Works



Call us for your window repair or windows replacement in Chicago and schedule a free consultation with one of our professionals at your convenience. We are very easy to reach and we will be there for you when you need us.



After discussing what you need in detail, we will provide you with a free estimate that outlines the right windows for your space. At First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Chicago, we keep you informed through clear and direct communication, and that includes your estimate.



To ensure you receive perfectly fitted windows, our window installer in Chicago takes accurate measurements for every windows replacement you need. Your replacement windows will be custom manufactured based on those measurements so you know they will be a tight and secure fit.



When your windows are ready we will contact you to schedule your window installation. Our window installers in Chicago will take care of everything so that by the time we’re done, all you have to do is enjoy your new windows.



First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Chicago comes to you with years of experience. Although we use the finest quality materials available, we also keep costs affordable. All that put together allows us to guarantee a great job on your windows.

Types of Windows We Offer

First Choice WIndow Replacement & Installation chooses only the best to bring you the highest of industry standards. Marvin and Pella windows are known for their strive to push design to its limits in aesthetics, function and durability. Their products are preferred by almost every window and doors contractor in the Chicago area, as they are the best choice for new constructions, remodels and replacement projects. They offer a wide range of beautiful, durable designs such as wood windows, clad windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows, basement windows and patio doors what will serve you for a long time!
We are extremely happy that our customers in Chicago can choose from the best of the best, which Marvin and Pella products definitely are.

Why Choose Us for Your Window Replacement in Chicago, IL


Premium Quality Workmanship

Our windows replacement contractors have the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right. Your windows are handled by complete professionals that do outstanding work.


Affordable Price

We understand that everyone has a budget so we work with you to make your window replacement affordable and comfortable. We’ll give you the right windows for a great price.


High-Quality Materials

To do our best work, we use only the highest quality material and tools. That’s why we take pride in offering such great window replacement services on every project.

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All About Our Windows Installer Chicago, IL

The windows on your home are an important part of keeping the air inside healthy and they offer a great view of your community. So they have to be functional and tightly sealed by professional window installers in Chicago.

Finding the right window replacement companies in Chicago is not always easy. But First Choice Windows Replacement is always ready to provide the right windows for your home or business, along with the expert window installation Chicago residents expect from the leading window company in the region. Different window materials and styles of window require special attention and our team of window installers know just what to look for and how to handle each.

Count on First Choice Windows Replacement in Chicago to provide the help you need to choose the right windows. Then our window installation team will expertly place them and seal them to maintain the high level of comfort you need for your home or office.


“ Quality Services & Excellent Work! ”

We searched high and low and went through numerous window companies in Chicago to find the right one. We are very thankful for your great service and the amazing windows that were installed for us. From beginning to end, our expectations were far exceeded and we were delighted with the very professional process.

Susan Smith

Our window replacement went very smoothly. We were so pleased with the expertise and knowledge displayed as we discussed each window and how it could be integrated into our home efficiently. The guidance we received was a great help in making the perfect choice for our new windows. We could not have done it without your expert advice.

Cynthia Moore

My initial conversations with you went a long way to help me learn about my windows. You certainly earned my trust after taking the time to explain all the differences each window could make and the incredible crew completed the window installation so efficiently. I love my new windows and I loved the experience.

Tim Rogers

Reasons to Do Windows Replacement Chicago, IL

Increased Comfort: Performing a windows replacement in Chicago can create more comfort by maintaining a constant temperature throughout the home.

Lower Energy Costs: The right window companies in Chicago can help you lower your energy expenses with a high-quality window installation that ensures a tight seal for a constant internal temperature. You can save up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills all year.

Smoother Functionality: Even minor damage can impact how your windows function. At First Choice Windows Replacement, we provide quality home window replacement in Chicago for easy maneuverability and convenience. Say goodbye to damaged frames and malfunctioning hardware.

Clear Glass Windows: Fog, haze, and moisture can give your windows a poor view. By replacing windows in Chicago, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your glass. You may even benefit from a professional window repair in Chicago.

Increased Security: Windows are excellent at creating a view or offering fresh air, but they also serve to protect your home against intruders. For a solid window installation in Chicago, your best option is to choose modern windows that feature high-quality hardware with tamper-resistant exteriors.

Greater Curb Appeal and Added Value: A top-quality window installation in Chicago can raise your property value and bring in more prospective buyers if you’re looking to sell your home soon. You can grab nearly 90% of the return on your investment simply by upgrading your home with quality replacement windows in Chicago.

UV Damage Protection: Natural light is ideal but prolonged sun exposure can bleach and damage your furniture, walls, and flooring over time. But you can avoid that by having your window installer in Chicago provide you with windows that give you UV ray protection.

FAQ - First Choice Windows Replacement Chicago, IL

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my replacement windows Chicago, IL?

It would be extremely helpful if you could remove any curtains, blinds, or any other window coverings you may have. As well, before your window installation, please disconnect your security sensors and power off the unit if possible. Ensure a clear pathway to every window for the window installer wherever you can.

How often should I be replacing windows Chicago, IL?

Homeowners with windows that are over 25 years old should consider window replacement. For windows that are sealed, painted shut, fog up, or carry drafts into the house, you may want to consult with window replacement companies for your replacement options.

How is the cost of replacement windows Chicago, IL calculated?

There are a number of factors that go into the cost of window replacement. We look at window style, the glass package, and the frame material to begin with. But other influences include size, the number of windows, and the quality of your home window replacement.

What is the best way to choose the right window replacement companies Chicago, IL?

Look at a few things when considering the right window replacement companies. Pay attention to how professional the window installer team appears to be. Find a company with a no-money-down guarantee so you don’t get stuck with substandard products or poor window installation. Make sure you have direct contact with the owner and ask about a lifetime material and labor warranty.

How To Choose The Right Replacement Windows Chicago, IL

Choose a Style for Window Replacement

Windows can offer excellent energy savings as an exterior product. But windows can also affect the aesthetics of your home. How your window replacement in Chicago looks is a top priority for homeowners.

Select a Frame Material

It’s important to find the right window style, but understand that windows require maintenance once in a while, and that depends on the material selected.

Choose the Right Glass Package

You can benefit from energy savings depending on the glass package you choose for your window installation in Chicago. Low-cost windows may not offer such energy savings.

Make it Custom Replacement Windows

Window replacement companies in Chicago work with top-quality manufacturers that mass-produce several varieties of windows upon order.

Trust a Recognized Name in Window Replacement

Going with an average home improvement company is very simple to do, but don’t expect the results you want. Instead, choose the finest option for your home window replacement in Chicago. Count on First Choice Windows Replacement.

The Best Time to Schedule Your Windows Replacement Chicago with First Choice Window Replacement & Installation

A window replacement in Chicago is not something that you go into without some forethought. It takes some time, careful planning, and consideration of the information you are sure to find. However, there are certain times of year that are better than others to get replacement windows in Chicago.

Weather is likely the most critical factor in determining the right time for your windows replacement in Chicago. Wet and freezing weather can put a damper on your home improvement project, particularly when your windows are involved.

As well, some projects may require a permit, while all home improvements take planning, window installation in Chicago included, so it is best to think ahead.

Spring is an excellent time to have our window installers in Chicago take care of your new windows. And at First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, we often work consistently through the summer months too.

Fall is the time you want to begin preparing for those inevitable colder months by at least taking care of your window repair in Chicago, if not your window replacements. By the winter, your property should be ready to handle the deep freeze.

Replacement Windows Chicago, IL - How Long Do They Last?

The type of material that was used for your window installation in Chicago is a significant factor when it comes to its durability and lifespan.

  • An aluminum window usually lasts around 30 to 40 years before needing a window replacement.
  • Average wooden window lasts 10 to 20 years as long as you keep good window maintenance.
  • Vinyl windows are efficient and durable, making them outstanding for building windows.

The material used for window installation in Chicago determines a portion of its reliability over time. The quality build will determine the remainder of your window’s durability and longevity.

The U-factor is used to measure your window’s thermal efficiency, which means the lower the U-factor, the better built your windows are.

Durability can be hard to measure. A great way to compare is by looking at the warranty. When your window warps in 50 years or so, you don’t have to worry about it.

How to Prepare the Window Installation Chicago, IL Area

Clean the area outside the window: Prepare for window replacement by removing things outside the window like pots, lawn furniture, removable planters, and more.

Clean the area inside the window: Remove everything inside the window and make sure nothing’s hanging from the window frame.

Remove window coverings: Give the workers access to the wall by removing window coverings. Remove the curtains, shades, ornaments, and more to give easy access to the wall.

Protect your floors: Window installation releases a significant amount of dust. Be sure to prepare and protect your floors by laying plastic sheets, canvas, or tarps near the window replacement area.

Make your home accessible.: Whether you have window installation, repair, or replacement, make sure to connect with your contractor and make arrangements to access your window, especially when you are planning to leave during the home window replacement. Call  First Choice Window Replacement today!


First Choice Window Replacement & Installation provides exceptional window replacement services to the Chicago area since 1996. We carry wide range of Marvin and Pella windows, patio doors and more.

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