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Basement Window Replacement

Avoid Air Leaks: With your basement window replacement, you can seal cracks and gaps that allow air to leak through, preventing outside temperatures from getting in, along with humidity and possible mold contamination.

Reduced Energy Bills: Today’s basement window replacements have come a long way for energy efficiency. You can choose from multiple glass panes and insulated frames to enjoy a quality basement window replacement that includes energy-saving components that you will notice on your monthly bills.

Stepped Up Security: Modern replacement windows for the basement feature excellent security enhancements. They can come with heavy-duty locks, thick frames, and durable multi-paned glass to make breaking in that much harder for potential intruders.

Ventilation: Your new basement windows will function smoothly and with ease so you can open them for ventilation and fresh air when needed.

Better Looks: A beautiful basement window replacement can give your home a great look.


At First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, we take pride to be #1 window services company. Our window installers have more than 20 years of experience in window installation and replacement.

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