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Window Replacement & Window Installation in Des Plaines

When looking for window companies in Des Plaines, come to First Choice Window Replacement & Installation. We have you covered with outstanding window replacement services in Des Plaines and surrounding areas through our great experience since 1996. That says a lot about how our each window installer cares for the community. In all our years, we have had the opportunity to provide countless homeowners some of the finest windows available in Marvin and Pella Windows.

We also carry a great selection of patio door, and entry door options to choose from with a very diverse range of top-quality windows. You can choose from custom wood windows with clad exterior framing, top-end fiberglass windows, and even vinyl windows.


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Find Out About Services of First Choice Windows Replacement & Windows Installation in Des Plaines

How Does The Process Of Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Des Plaines Look?



Call us for your expert window repair or windows replacement in Des Plaines and schedule a free consultation at your convenience where one of our professionals can offer information and guidance. We make ourselves available to you as you need us.



During our discussion, you will receive all the details you need to make the right decisions and we will provide you with a free quote that notes the right windows for your space. With First Choice Windows Replacement in Des Plaines, you are always well-informed with clear and direct communication, including your estimate.



We want to ensure your new windows are correctly fitted, so our window installer in Des Plaines takes accurate measurements on every windows replacement needed. Your replacement windows are custom manufactured based on these measurements so you can trust that they will be tight-fitting and secure.



We will let you know when your windows are ready and you can schedule your window installation. When it’s convenient for you, our window installers in Des Plaines will be there to take care of everything. All you have to do is sit back and marvel at your new windows.



First Choice Windows Replacement in Des Plaines has many years of experience. Even though we use the best quality materials, we make sure your cost is kept low. We guarantee a great job and the finest in window installation in Des Plaines possible.

Types Of windows Offered By First Choice Windows Replacement Des Plaines, IL

First Choice Windows Replacement in Des Plaines gives you the best window installation at the highest standards in the industry. Marvin and Pella windows are well-known for their incredible efforts to push window design to its limits, achieving exceptional aesthetics, great functionality, and unmatched durability. These windows are selected by only the very best window replacement companies in Des Plaines and the most experienced window installers who want to provide the absolute best for any new constructions, renovations, or window replacement projects. You can choose from a huge selection of stunning, durable window designs, including wood windows, clad windows, fiberglass windows, basement windows, patio doors, and vinyl replacement windows in Des Plaines, all designed to last.

We are proud to bring you the very best in replacement windows for Des Plaines with Marvin and Pella window products.

Why Choose First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation Des Plaines, IL


Premium Quality Workmanship

Our window installers in Des Plaines have the skills, knowledge, and experience to provide you with the highest quality of work. Rest assured your windows are handled by First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation experts!


Affordable Price

Everyone has a budget when it comes to window replacement and window installation in Des Plaines, so First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation aims to provide affordable and comfortable rates to our customers.


High-Quality Materials

To provide the best outcome to our customers, we only use the highest quality of materials and tools. We take pride in offering such great work when it comes to home window replacement Des Plaines. We have got your back!

First Choice Windows Replacement Des Plaines, IL - About

Your home’s windows play an important structural and cosmetic role. Professional window installers Des Plaines are the only method to ensure that they work and fit perfectly with a tight seal.

When searching for the best windows replacement companies Des Plaines, that’s where First Choice Windows Replacement comes in. We are always willing to show you the windows of your home or place of business needs. And people choose us as the best replacement window company nearby since we are the most reliable professionals for window installation. You can depend on our window installer team to ensure you get precisely what you need every time since various window materials and designs need minor changes in technique.

First Choice Windows Replacement Des Plaines is here to assist you in selecting the best windows for your home or place of business, backed by our first-rate window installation service.

Cliensts Say

“Excellent service and a fantastic job.”

I am so grateful to First Choice Windows Replacement in Des Plaines. I learned so much about windows, and how they work and fit into my home, and the patience and guidance they showed really made me feel comfortable. Plus, the window installation was extremely fast, clean, and careful. This was an excellent window replacement experience.

Frank Jones Des Plaines, IL

Our window replacement in Des Plaines was handled beautifully. The window company representative and the window installer were professional and knowledgeable as everything was explained to us about how our new windows would give us better home efficiency. The information helped us decide on our new windows and the window installation was very smooth.

Brayden Morales Des Plaines, IL

After an exhaustive search for window companies in Des Plaines, we finally connected with the right one. First Choice Windows Replacement provided excellent service and did a fantastic job with our window installation. They very much exceeded our expectations through the entire process from start to finish.

Khloe Robinson Des Plaines, IL

Windows Replacement Des Plaines, IL - Reasons To Do It

Comfortable Temperature: Replacing your windows in Des Plaines with new units will give your home a consistent and comfortable temperature regardless of the weather. Contact our window installers in Des Plaines today.

Efficient Energy: Proper windows replacement in Des Plaines can effectively reduce your energy costs by 30% and maintain great heating and cooling temperatures for years to come. Invite your friends over without worrying about your power consumption.

Smooth Function: Save your physical energy from operating tough windows by getting a home window replacement in Des Plaines. Try out vinyl replacement windows or basement window replacement for smooth operation for a long time.

Clearer Windows: Foggy windows can quickly give your home an unappealing look. You can address this by getting a replacement for your windows as soon as possible. This removes condensation and gives your home a tasteful look.

Security: High quality windows protect your home from potential theft. First Choice Windows Replacement provides tamper resistant and sturdy hardware for your convenience and peace of mind.

Better Appeal and Value: Windows can quickly spruce up the appeal of your home and increase its value if you are planning to sell it soon. This can automatically give a 90% ROI for you.

Protect Furniture and Carpeting from UV Damage: Long exposure of carpets and furniture to UV rays can result in long term damage. Prevent this recurring problem by replacing your windows with high quality ones from First Choice Windows Replacement in Des Plaines.

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FAQ - Window Installation & Windows Replacement Des Plaines, IL

What preparations are needed for windows replacement in Des Plaines?

Take down all objects near the windows including curtains, draperies, blinds, window treatments, and any automated sensor device. Provide a clear pathway for our window installer in Des Plaines to have an easy time replacing your windows.

How often should I reinstall new replacement windows?

Residential windows typically last for 25 years. Beyond this point, you should consider getting a replacement for your windows. Otherwise, your property could suffer from permanently sealed windows, excessive condensation, or draft.

What determines the cost of replacement windows in Des Plaines?

Factors such as window style, glass package, and frame material all contribute to the cost of replacement windows in Des Plaines. In addition, costs vary depending on the size, quantity, and quality of the material.

How should I select the best among all window companies in Des Plaines?

To ensure your property is in excellent hands, look for professional window installers, high-quality material, and prompt service among window replacement companies in your area.

Choosing the Right Replacement Windows Des Plaines, IL

Choose a Window Replacement Style
Windows can be an excellent energy-saving exterior product. However, windows can also impact the aesthetics of a home. How a window replacement in Des Plaines looks is one of the top priorities for homeowners.

Select a Frame Material
Your window style is important but plan ahead knowing that a window will require maintenance from time to time, depending on the material you choose.

Choose the Right Glass Package
The energy savings you see will depend on the glass package as part of your window installation in Des Plaines. Low-cost windows do not typically provide energy savings.

Make it Custom Replacement Windows
Note that window replacement companies in Des Plaines can access quality manufacturers that produce many varieties of windows.

Go with a Recognized Name in Window Replacement
Finding an average home improvement company is all too easy, but don’t expect the best results. Instead, choose the best for your home window replacement in Des Plaines, that’s First Choice Windows Replacement.

The Right Time of Year for Your Windows Replacement Des Plaines with First Choice Window Replacement & Installation

Your windows replacement in Des Plaines takes some thought, time, planning, and the right window solutions. With that in mind, some times of year work better than others to have your window installation in Des Plaines.

Weather plays a major role in determining when you should get your windows replacement in Des Plaines. Wet conditions and freezing temperatures can delay many home improvement projects, not the least of which is a window installation.

Some home renovations might require permits, and all of them take careful planning, windows replacement in Des Plaines included. Use the time you need to make your arrangements.

Spring is the ideal time for our window installers in Des Plaines. And at First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, we tend to work consistently over the summer months.

Fall is when you want to finalize your preparations so that you can manage through those upcoming cold months. At the very least, you can take care of your window repair in Des Plaines, if not a total window replacement. When winter strikes, your home will be ready for the deep freeze.

Windows Replacement Des Plaines, IL - How Long Do They Last?

Window replacement durability in Des Plaines is determined by what material they are made from.

  • The aluminum window can last for 30 to 40 years before you need to get a window replacement done.
  • The average wooden window installation can last for 10 to 20 years if you keep up the maintenance.
  • Vinyl replacement windows are an excellent material for building windows, being both efficient and durable.

The material that your window is made from will determine a portion of its reliability over time. The quality will determine the remainder of your window’s durability as well as longevity.

The U-factor will determine the portion of your window’s thermal efficiency. The lower your U-factor the better built your windows will be.

Now, the durability of your window can be hard to measure. One way to compare is by looking at your window’s warranty. If your window installation in Des Plaines is wrapped in 50 years or so, there’s no need to worry about it.


First Choice Window Replacement & Installation provides exceptional window replacement services to the Chicago area since 1996. We carry wide range of Marvin and Pella windows, patio doors and more.

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