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Windows Replacement Downers Grove, IL

With nearly twenty five years of experience in professional windows replacement in Downers Grove, First Choice Window Replacement has made a name over the years that is known for its craftsmanship, customer service, and reliability. From small properties to big, commercial to residential, window replacement to new window installation, we can do it all. We take pride in offering our customers a friendly and knowledgeable customer service experience from the moment you contact us until the project is complete. We know how important our clients’ satisfaction is for us to be successful and what we do, and so if you decide to choose us for your window installation in Downers Grove, trust us that you will be in great hands.


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Our Way to Great Windows Replacement in Downers Grove



Contacting us for your window repair or replacement windows in Downers Grove is easy. Our professionals are always ready to schedule a free consultation with you so we can be there at your convenience.



Our detailed discussion will allow us to determine exactly what you need so we can provide you with a free estimate outlining the perfect windows for you. First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Downers Grove is here to provide you with clear and detailed communication, which your estimate is a big part of.  



For your window installation to turn out right, our window installers in Downers Grove ensure a perfect fit with accurate measurements on each window. Our windows replacement is designed to give you a custom fit for an air and watertight seal.



We will let you know when your window replacements are ready so we can schedule the best time for our window installer in Downers Grove to take care of them. We will do everything we need to so you can have your new windows installed right.



First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation has years of experience, so when we provide windows replacement in Downers Grove, we make sure it’s done to perfection using the best materials and the finest installers, all at a great affordable price. We guarantee the best job for your windows.

Types Of windows Offered By Our Company - Windows Replacement Downers Grove, IL

We know that the key to any successful window installation or window repair in Downers Grove is not just professional labor, but also the highest quality products and materials. That’s why we are proud to offer both Marvin and Pella window products, known by clients and contractors alike for their long-lasting durability, affordable cost, and wide array of options for whatever window project you may have in mind. Our friendly customer service team can help walk you through the various Marvin and Pella product options, and help you choose the ideal windows for your Downers Grove home window replacement project.

Why Are We Right for Your Windows
Replacement in Downers Grove, IL


Professional Workmanship

We are proud to bring you the best workmanship in the window replacement industry to Downers Grove by professional contractors that have extensive experience. You can see the difference in our quality work.


Great Price

Let’s work together to give you the window replacement you need at the price that is comfortable for your budget. We want you to get a great deal on windows in Downers Grove.


Top-Quality Materials

To do the best job possible, our window replacement contractors use the best quality materials available today. This way we work efficiently to give you windows that will last.

All About Our Windows Installer
Downers Grove, IL

Substandard windows give your property the illusion of windows. However, this fails to provide the security and privacy that your home or business needs. At First Choice Windows Replacement, we install, replace, and repair windows of varying types and sizes to increase protection, structure, and design to your property. 

Our team of window installers in Downers Grove is highly qualified to perform each work with precision and quality. No need to ask for assistance, as we will guide you accordingly while the project is on-going. Our company specializes in general windows replacement in Downers Grove, so you can rest assured your home or business will be in excellent hands. Whether you need a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or basement window replacement, we can do it for you!

For your window installation, window repair, and home window replacement needs in Downers Grove, make First Choice Windows Replacement your first and only choice! 


“I finally found reliable window installer for windows replacement!”

I had some unhappy experience with window companies in Downers Grove before. That is why I was so hesitant to hire any other company again, but I was in desperate need of window replacement. I called 4 companies, and First Choice was the only one who gave me a fair quote. Their window installers were nice and they even explained everything they were doing. Thank you!

Andrew Holland

First Choice Windows Replacement Downers Grove, IL - FAQ

What do I need to prepare before my replacement windows Downers Grove, IL are installed?

The best thing to do would be to remove any curtains, blinds, or other window coverings before the window installer arrives. To prepare for your window installation, you can also disconnect your security sensors and shut down the power if you can. Also, make a clear path for the window installer for easy access to your windows.

When do I need replacement windows Downers Grove, IL?

When your windows are more than 25 years old, it may be time for window replacement. They may not be that old but have other issues like being sealed, painted shut, fogged up, or drafty, which you can consult with your window companies about for window replacement.

How do you come up with a price for replacing windows Downers Grove, IL?

At First Choice Windows Replacement, we work out a price using different factors. The price will depend on the window style, the glass type, and the material of the frame. It’s also important to consider the size of the window, the number of windows, and what kind of quality you choose for your new home window replacement.

What should I look for in window replacement companies Downers Grove, IL?

Think of a few different things when looking for window replacement companies. When dealing with First Choice Windows Replacement, you will notice a very professional approach by our window installers. We also offer a no-money-down guarantee, so you will not be left with substandard material or questionable window installation. Plus, with us, you have direct access to the owner as well as a lifetime material and labor warranty.

Reasons For Windows Replacement Downers Grove, IL

Increased Comfort: Damaged windows can cause inconsistent temperatures inside your home. Today, there are many home window replacements in Downers Grove you can choose from. Most of them are energy efficient for your peace of mind. 

Reduced Energy Costs: Windows replacement is a definite cost saver in the long run. You can even save up to 30% off on your heating and cooling costs, significantly reducing your power bill.

Higher Functionality: Old windows are harder to close and open. So why give yourself a hard time when you can conveniently get a replacement for those old windows? At First Choice Windows Replacement, we provide excellent windows with smooth lifting.

Clearer Glass Windows: Foggy glass windows are unsightly to see and produce excessive condensation. Give your home an upgrade with a timely living room or basement window replacement in Downers Grove.

Secured Property: High-quality home window replacements in Downers Grove provide proper temperature and protection for your home against break ins. Our modern windows have high quality hardware and tamper resistant material.

Increased Appeal and Value: Windows are underrated but they bring great value to any property. Whether you want to have a professional commercial space or you plan to sell your home in the future, we can install fresh windows that give you a 90% ROI.

Protection From UV Damage: Frequent sun exposure can damage your furniture and carpets. Replacing your windows can protect both the exteriors and interiors of your home.

How To Choose The Right Replacement Windows
Downers Grove, IL - Step By Step Guide

Choose a Window Style
Windows are a significant factor in saving energy, so choosing the style of window installation in Downers Grove is crucial. They provide a significant impact on aesthetics and one of the top concerns of homeowners.

Choose a Frame Material
Window style is important, but it needs a good frame material. Our window installers in Downers Grove are here for you.

Choose a Glass Package
We are one of the window companies in Downers Grove that offers glass packages to help with your energy savings.

Choose Custom Replacement Windows
With our windows replacement in Downers Grove, you can ensure that your windows will look good as new because we only have access to high-quality manufacturers.

Work with an Established Windows Replacement Company
We are one of the trusted window replacement companies in the Downers Grove area that will provide you with results that will go beyond your expectations every time.

The Best Time of Year to Schedule Windows Replacement Downers Grove with First Choice Window Replacement & Installation

Your windows replacement in Downers Grove requires some thought. Expect it to take time, planning, and the proper window selection. With that, there are certain times of year that work better than others when getting replacement windows in Downers Grove.

Weather can be a determining factor regarding the best time for your windows replacement in Downers Grove. Wet and freezing conditions can put a real damper on your home improvement project, especially when you’re dealing with windows.

Some home improvements may require permits, and they all take detailed planning, window installation in Downers Grove included, so use the time to make the right arrangements.

Spring is the perfect time for our window installers in Downers Grove to take care of your windows. And at First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, we usually work consistently throughout the summer months.

Fall is when you want to close on your preparations so that you can deal with those upcoming colder months. You can at least take care of your window repair in Downers Grove, if not your window replacements. By the time winter hits, your home will be in shape to handle the deep freeze.

How Long Do Replacement Windows Last? - Windows Replacement Downers Grove, IL

The material used for your window installation in Downers Grove will influence its long-term durability.

  • Aluminum windows can survive for 30-40 years before needing to be replaced.
  • If you maintain your wooden windows properly, they can last 10-20 years.
  • Vinyl replacement window in Downers Grove is an excellent window material since it is both efficient and long-lasting.

Your window’s material determines a fraction of its long-term dependability. The remainder of your windows durability and lifetime is determined by the build quality.

  • The U-factor is a measurement of the thermal efficiency of your window. Your windows are better built if your U-factor is low.
  • Warranty. It might be difficult to assess the durability of a product. Examining the warranty is a fantastic tool to compare. You don’t have to be concerned if your window warps in 50 years or more.

Here at First Choice Window Replacement in Downers Grove, we use only high-quality materials to ensure that we provide our customers with windows installation that would last.

Window Installation Downers Grove, IL - How To Prepare The Area

Clean the area outside the window. Everything that you have outside the window should be removed, such as removable planters, pots, lawn furniture, etc.

Clean the area inside the window. Make sure to keep the work area free from obstacles to reduce accidents from happening to our window installers from First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation Downers Grove.

Remove window coverings. Any blinds, curtains, drapes, and other window treatments should be removed for easy access to the wall.

Protect your floors. Place plastic sheeting, tarp, or canvas drop cloth on your floor for protection during window replacement.

Make your home accessible. If you are not home during your home window replacement, make arrangements with the window installers from First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation Downers Grove to make sure they will have access to your home. Turn off any security or alarm systems, especially the ones with window sensors.

When You Should Consider Windows Replacement Downers Grove, IL

When in doubt about windows replacement Downers Grove experts from First Choice Window Replacement & Installation tell you when it’s time to call an expert.

Windows Over 15-20 Years Old

After this time windows become less efficient. Replacing windows can make your home more enjoyable, lower your power bills, and enhance protection from the weather.

Damaged Windows

Visible flaws on the frame and glass shout for a home window replacement. A damaged frame poses the risk of complete breakdown and further damage to your property.

Defective Seal

If you feel a draft with the windows closed, your windows might not have a tight seal and heated or cooled indoor air might be escaping. Replacement windows are the solution.

Higher Energy Bills

A more expensive power bill might be your windows’ fault. Replacing old windows is the top advice of experts from the best window companies Downers Grove has, in order to lower bills and their HVAC working more efficiently after this intervention.


At First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, we take pride to be Downers Grove #1 window services company. Our window installers have more than 20 years of experience in window installation and replacement.

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