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Since 1996, First Choice Window Replacement has been a name synonymous with exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and professionalism on every project we take on. From entry and patio door windows to fiberglass, wood, and vinyl window options, we are specialists with experience with all manner of window replacement in Palatine. Not only do we use the top products and materials on the market, but we also guarantee a helpful and responsive customer service experience from the start of your project until the final clean up is complete. Give us a call and see why we are the standard among window replacement companies in Palatine today.

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Our Way to Great Windows Replacement in Palatine



Call First Choice Window Installation & Window Replacement in Palatine for your window repair and all your window needs. We can schedule a free consultation with a windows replacement professional when it’s convenient for you. We can be there for you when you need us.



When discussing your window installation needs in detail, we can provide you with a free estimate outlining the perfect windows for your home. First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Palatine is here to give you all the information you need to make the right choice.



For the perfect fitted windows, our window installer team takes accurate measurements before manufacturing your windows. We can then custom make your chosen replacement windows in Palatine so you can be certain of a tight and secure fit.



When it’s time for your window installation in Palatine, we will call you to schedule the best time for our window installer to arrive. We will handle everything for the best installation possible so you only need to enjoy your new great windows.



First Choice Windows Replacement & Window Installation in Palatine has many years of experience working with the finest quality materials in the industry to bring you the best at an affordable price. We guarantee an amazing job on your new windows replacement.

Types Of windows Offered By Our Company - First Choice Windows Replacement Palatine, IL

For nearly twenty five years, we have taken pride in offering our customers the finest window products from the most trusted vendors and window makers on the market. Both Marvin and Pella window products are the top of the line – durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance, with a number of options for customization. Whether you are looking for patio door or bay windows, fiberglass, vinyl, or wooden options, these are the best products on the market. Marvin and Pella products are the best available options for your replacement windows in Palatine, and we are proud to be your window replacement contractors delivering and installing these outstanding products to your home or business.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Windows
Replacement Palatine, IL


Excellent Workmanship

Thanks to our highly-skilled professional window replacement contractors in Palatine, we are able to provide the great workmanship needed for any project. We are detail oriented, focused, and precise.


Priced Right

Our window replacement services in Palatine are priced to suit your budget. We will match you up with the right windows at a price that’s right for you.


Top-End Materials

To help us do our best work for you, our window installation experts in Palatine use the best tools and materials available. It’s how we ensure a professional installation that will last.

About First Choice Windows Replacement
in Palatine, IL

Your windows are key components of your home for both structure and aesthetics. They must function and fit correctly with a tight seal, and the only way to get that is through professional window installers in Palatine.

That’s where First Choice Windows Replacement comes in when looking for the right window replacement companies in Palatine. We are always ready to show you the windows that your home or business needs. And we are the most trusted experts for window installation Palatine residents want as the top window company around. Because different window materials and styles require subtle differences in process, you can count on our team of window installers to ensure you receive exactly what you need, every time.

First Choice Windows Replacement in Palatine is here to help you choose the right windows, backed by our outstanding window installation service for your home or business.


“Extra friendly customer service.”

I decided to surprise my mother for her 50th birthday and replace every window in her house. Those window installers from Palatine were amazing. They did their work quickly and the customer service person was the sweetest of them all. I will definitely call them when it’s time to replace or install my windows.

Bridgette Brown

FAQ - First Choice Windows Replacement Palatine, IL

Is there something I need to prepare before my window installation Palatine, IL begins?

You can remove any window coverings, like curtains or blinds before the window installer begins working. Your window installation would also run smoother if you disconnect your security sensors and shut down the power. It’s best to make a clear path for the window installer as well.

When is the right time for replacement windows Palatine, IL?

For windows that are over 25 years of age, think about window replacement. You might also want a window installer for issues that include sealed windows, those that are painted shut, foggy windows, or drafts. First Choice Windows Replacement can handle all that for you.

When replacing windows Palatine, IL, how do you work out the price?

There are several things to consider when coming up with the price for window replacement. Window style, the kind of glass used, and the frame material are all important pieces. At First Choice Windows Replacement, we also consider the size, quantity, and quality of the window replacement you choose.

How do I choose between window replacement companies Palatine, IL?

Window replacement companies are not all the same. For example, First Choice Windows Replacement provides very professional service by our window installers. We have a no-money-down guarantee, so you always get the best material and the greatest expertise for your window installation. You also get direct access to the owner and a lifetime material and labor warranty, so we stand behind our work and our windows.

Benefits Of Windows Replacement Palatine, IL

Increased Comfort: Doing a window replacement near me in Palatine can help you maintain a constant temperature which significantly elevates everyone’s comfort.

Reduced Energy Costs: Window companies around Palatine can help you reduce your energy expenses by installing high-quality windows that level your inside temperature. Save up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs.

Smoother Functionality: Even small damages can impact the functionality of your windows. At First Choice Windows Replacement, we provide home window replacement with smooth maneuverability for your convenience. Say no more to damaged frames and broken hardware.

Clearer Glass Window: Fog, hazing, and moisture can all make any window unappealing. You can improve the appearance of your glass windows by replacing your windows in Palatine or hiring contractors to do a window repair.

Higher Security: Windows exist not just to provide options for fresh air, but to also protect your home from break-ins. For fresh window installation in Palatine, it is best to go with modern windows with high-quality hardware and tamper-resistant exteriors.

Improved Appearance and Value: Excellent windows can up your property value and attract more prospective buyers if you plan to sell in the future. You can enjoy up to 90% of ROI in the long run if you take the time to upgrade your home starting from the windows.

UV Damage Protection: Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your furniture and carpets over time. You can maintain their excellent condition by having your window installer from Palatine setup windows with UV ray protection.

Our Guide - Finding The Best
Replacement Windows Palatine, IL

Choose a Window Style
Windows are an exterior product that is great for saving energy. With the proper window installation in Palatine, it can provide a significant impact on aesthetics.

Choose a Frame Material
The window style is crucial, but remember that a window needs to be sturdy. Choosing the right frame material during window installation in Palatine will help your window last for years.

Choose a Glass Package
Our window companies in Palatine offer a glass package that is great in saving energy. We provide affordable window installation for glass packages.

Choose Custom Replacement Windows
With our window replacement in Palatine, you can expect to choose custom windows. Our window installers will provide you with the highest quality of windows for an affordable price.

Work with an Established Company
It’s vital to have trusted window companies near me in Palatine to provide outstanding results. It is important to get an estimate from a reputable company.

When Is The Best Time To Schedule A Window Replacement Palatine?

Damaged windows are best repaired immediately, yet not all seasons are ideal for window replacement work in Palatine. Instead of letting yourself freeze in the biting cold of winter, think about doing the window repair, replacement, or installation in Palatine during spring or the early weeks of summer. Either way, you will have a breezy time finishing the work on time without any challenging weather to boot.

Similar to other home services, you want to ensure to hold the proper permits needed before embarking on any project – in this case, replacement windows in Palatine. Feel free to call us at First Choice Window Replacement & Installation and we will assign you a seasoned in-house window installer from our company. He can advise you on the best decisions to make for your window installation or replacement, and accomplish the job with the outcome you prefer. Call us anytime to know more information.

How Long Do Replacement Windows Palatine, IL Last?

The material of the frame determines whether your property needs window repair or windows replacement in Palatine. Here’s a quick guide for your reference:

  • Aluminum windows require home window replacement only after 30 to 40 years.
  • The average wooden window can last between 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance applied.
  • Vinyl replacement windows in Palatine can last ranging from 10 to 40 years.

When it comes to the durability and longevity of your window installation in Palatine, take a look at their build-quality.

  • The thermal efficiency of your window is measured with U-factor. Aim for a low U-factor, as this provides a better window built.
  • A window’s durability is subjective to its surrounding elements. The warranty is a good guide to measure whether your property will require replacing windows immediately. Ideally, excellent windows should last for 50 years or beyond.

Contact First Choice Window Replacement near me in Palatine anytime for more information.

How to Prepare for Window Installation Palatine, IL

Clean the Windows Outside: Prepare for window replacement by taking away anything outside the window such as pots, lawn furniture, detachable planters, and other items.

Clean Window’s Inside; Take away all from the inside of the window and ensure nothing is dangling from the window pane.

Extract Window Coverings: Remove window coverings to provide window repair Palatine experts access to the wall. To get simple access to the wall, remove the curtains, shades, decorations, and other items.

Preserve Your Floors: Window installation Palatine generates a lot of dust. Lay plastic sheets, canvas, or tarps around the window replacement location to prepare and protect your flooring.

Make Your House Easily Accessible: Whether you are having your windows installed, repaired, or replaced, be sure to communicate with your contractor and make plans to access your windows, particularly if you intend to leave during the house window replacement. Contact First Choice Window Replacement & Installation right now!


First Choice Window Replacement & Installation is #1 window company in Palatine and suburbs since 1996. We pride to carry wide range of windows and patio doors from top window brands.

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