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Windows Installation Chicago, IL - Rely On First Choice Window Installer

If you want to take in the gorgeous Chicago skyline, but do so from the comfort of your home, then you need to call the window installer that has been serving the people of Chicago faithfully for many years. It doesn’t matter if it’s Summer, Winter, or Spring, enjoying the weather from a view you can cherish is a wonderful thing.

Give your home a new feel with windows from First Choice Window Installation. Our double-paned design is better for insulating your home, as well as improved energy efficiency, so your bills for heating and cooling will be much more manageable. We are well-built and put into your home by the best window installation contractors in Chicago. And they look fantastic. 

Give a window installer from First Choice Window Installation in Chicago a call and replace those old, stained, decrepit windows with some of ours.


The Process of Window Installation Chicago, IL

Below is a general step-by-step process of what to expect when hiring a window installer for a full service company for your window installation in Chicago.

Before Window Installation:

Confirm the date and time of the window installation for your house in Chicago with the assigned salesperson or scheduler.
For specific instructions or requests, write your notes and place them next to the windows for high visibility.

During Window Installation:

Meet the assigned foreman and give him a walkthrough of the house to let him inspect each window. You can discuss your specific instructions and gauge how they will handle the project.
A window installer will work simultaneously to remove the old windows and bring in the new ones.
As the old windows are removed, the new windows are installed. The contractor will cut the ropes for the window sash weights and drop these to the bottom of the window pocket. And the new windows will be installed in place, leveled precisely with shims.
As the window installation is happening, the other installers move the old windows outside.
Once the window transfers are done, the team will start installing the exterior trim on the windows. This tightly seals your windows to protect your windows and your home. This service is optional and is done depending on the agreement.
Most average-sized take two days where the installation process is done on the second day.
Once the work is done, the contractors clean up and test the durability of the freshly installed windows.

At First Choice Window Replacement & Installation, we take pride to be Downers Grove #1 window services company. Our window installers have more than 20 years of experience in window installation and replacement.

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